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Anastasia a 'Friulana

Anastasia a 'Friulana
Giovanna was very beautiful, tall and blonde as they were not seen in those parts.
In town everyone wondered who the groom would ever be. Her mother wanted a queen marriage and a prince husband for her only daughter and she cultivated this dream by embroidering sheets and towels. Giovanna, Made fearless by such overwhelming beauty, didn't think about getting married at all and decided to try her luck ... she wanted to become an actress.
She chose the name of Anastasia, having heard it who knows where, because it had always inspired her with a great charm, the mystery of elegant and refined women.
The nickname of Friulian was given to her by a customer who , one evening, when he saw her in the casino lounge waiting to be chosen, cried with emotion remembering a tall and blonde young lady who had been his great love of youth
They had loved each other for a summer but she then went home to distant Friuli and he never saw her again.
To Anastasia , this story seemed like one of those stories in the movies that she had dreamt of interpreting and since then she was called "the Friulana".

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